The First School of Instruction For Toreo in the United States

This is the Academy, somewhere in Spain.  The very notorious and largely misunderstood science of bullfighting is what these men practice, and they do it very well.  They enjoy helping others learn about it.  The men in the background are matador de toros. The man in the foreground is an amateur.

When you want to learn about what outsiders call bullfighting, like how it works for instance, the really curious must eventually head for Spain, France, Latin America, and now San Diego, California.

The California Academy of Tauromaquia is the nation's first bullfight school.  It offers a practical and convenient education in the techniques of bullfighting.   Classes are conducted in English and Spanish in various cities throughout the US and all over la planeta de toros
Our students train in San Diego for adventures world wide, just over the border, or right here in California

Is the bullfight a mystery to you?  Do you love adventure but find bungee jumping maybe a little bit mindless?  Study the science of bullfighting for thrills that mean something. Grace, geometry, animal behavior, mental discipline - all these things come together in la Tauromaquia.

The academy is your entry to the exciting lifestyle of the aficionado pr├íctico, an entry based on good technique and pedigreed livestock.  Visit the ranches of the world. Perform on the amateur circuit.  Celebrate a natural!

Upcoming Classes

Week-long individual intensive in San Diego
(all year)

Week-end class
 in colonial Mexico

Week-long group
 intensive in Spain
 June 1 - June 5, 2013

Week-end intensive
 in San Diego

Call for info/schedules/availability now 619 709 0664

"I am actually doing it! It's the perfect blend of adventure and culture. I'm hooked."
-Joe Escalante,
 The Vandals

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