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Course Description

Toreo de SalonStudents of the Academy train in the classic manner; one on one with talented, experienced instructors running the horns. There is extensive video analysis, classes on the culture, history of the fiesta and zoology of the fighting bull. Students have the opportunity to train with guest instructors; both professional matadors and talented aficionado practicos. Every course culminates in a tienta - a class with livestock and the student's first face to face encounter with the wild. Practical Class

Two types of courses are available; the on going classes for students from the Southern California area, and the Intensives. The ongoing or salón classes are designed for Southern California residents or for those individuals planning on a long term stay in the area. The classes meet twice weekly or more by arrangement and are conducted by a dedicated group of instructors and visiting instructors. All salón students are free to attend all Academy events including tientas, festivals and travel.

The intensive classes are four to six day courses designed for those of you with lots of desire but less time. The intensives live up to their name, they can be very demanding but they have been very successful. Each class is structured to an individual student's needs and schedule - they are designed as a working vacation or workshop for busy professionals.

The intensive includes extensive video analysis, featuring professional corridas, academy tientas and festivals and the student's own performance in toreo de salón. This class is like no other anywhere in the world and is the most practical and convenient entry into the incredible lifestyle of the aficionado práctico. The academy will also help students arrange study groups in their own area and which will allow them to continue their studies and find long term training partners. Our goal is to help you become a competent aficionado práctico no matter where you live.

Upcoming Classes

Week-long individual intensive in San Diego
(all year)

Week-end class in colonial Mexico
Oct 22nd and Dec 10th

Week-long group intensive in Spain
June 05

Week-end course in
San Diego
 September 10 & 11

Call for info/availability now 619 709 0664

"I am actually doing it! It's the perfect blend of adventure and culture. I'm hooked."
-Joe Escalante,
 The Vandals

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